Samsung’s Galaxy Note series is still alive in 2021: Confirms the latest report

by Mayank

Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone producer in the world. They have everything from the budget J-series and A-series to the high end S-series and the flagship Note series to the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip phones in their line-up.

Moreover, one of the most popular phones among enthusiasts and professionals is the Galaxy Note series with its wide and gorgeous display along with its flagship specs. The main highlight of the Note series, however, is the support for S-pen, which has an impressive low latency similar to the Apple pencil.

S-pen by Samsung

Recently, several rumors and reports have surfaced suggesting that Samsung is discontinuing its flagship Note-series. However, the latest report states otherwise.

The Ongoing Rumor about the Samsung Galaxy Note series

Over the last few months, reports have emerged on several forums and blogs that Samsung may be discontinuing its Note lineup. This rumor was further fueled by the fact that TM Roh, president and head of Samsung’s mobile division, wrote in a blog post that they were planning to bring the “most loved features of the Galaxy Note series to their other lineup of devices.”

Now that the Galaxy S21 series has been released and is now available for pre-orders, we can confirm that the Galaxy S21 Ultra has S-pen support as stated on Samsung’s official website.

The S Pen compatibility highlighted on the official page of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Bear in mind that for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, you must purchase the S-pen separately and it also lacks some features exclusive to the Note lineup, such as Bluetooth and gesture functionality. You also have no slot built-in to store the S-pen. Samsung said they will be offering Galaxy S21 Ultra cases to house the S-pen.

This does seem to be a positive sign that the Note series is still alive.

Samsung Galaxy Note series will not be discontinued

A Samsung official has stated that they are planning for the release of the Galaxy Note 21 series in 2021, according to a Yonhap News report. Furthermore, a Samsung insider has said about Roh’s message that, “His message does not mean that the Note series will be discontinued.”

The Samsung event was planned ahead of CES 2021 this year, and all the reports about the launch of the Note 21 alongside the Galaxy S21 series turned out to be false.

There are some other reports that 2021 will be the last year for the Note series to see the light and that the Galaxy Z Fold series will be the next Note series.

However, because we don’t have any official news from Samsung yet, take these reports with a pinch of salt. But one thing is certain, the Note 21 is most likely to be released this year, but a doubt still remains to when it will be announced. Stay tuned for more information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 21.

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