Logitech M190 Review: The Budget-Friendly Mouse for your Everyday Tasks

by Mayank

When it comes to mice for their desktop or laptop, there has been a paradigm shift in the type of mouse that most people prefer. With cheaper gaming mice on the market these days, most people are persuaded to buy them because of their higher DPI resolutions and eye – catching design.

The question is whether you should spend your money on a wired gaming mouse if you aren’t planning on playing FPS games. What if you want a simple, non-flashy mouse that you may use for your daily tasks?

If you ask me, a mouse that is well-built, pocket-friendly, and has decent ergonomics for extended use is the way to go for common tasks like browsing, using productivity tools like Microsoft Office, or even casually playing games. If the mouse is wireless, that’s an added bonus because your desk will be clutter-free without those extra cords.

The Logitech M190 is one such mouse that I’ve been using for about two months and am pleased with its performance—for the most part.

Let’s talk Performance

The cursor movements with the M190 were smooth and accurate owing to a decent resolution of 1000 DPI (dots per inch). A button to alter the resolution would have been nice, but since this isn’t a gaming mouse, I won’t nitpick.

To see how the mouse performs on various surfaces, I tested the Logitech M190 on a variety of surfaces, including a glass table, a mouse pad, and a wooden surface, to see how effectively it tracked movement.

You can use the M190 on any normal surface

Spoiler Alert: Because the M190 works so well with just about any surface, I never felt the need to use a mouse pad.

Given that it is an optical mouse that employs an LED instead of infrared for light projection on the surface, the results were quite good.

Because the Logitech M190 is an optical mouse which uses a simple LED for projection, it was unable to track motions on a glass surface, as I expected.

Note: Optical mice struggle to track motions accurately on surfaces such as glass because the light emitted by the LED setup simply passes through the surface and does not reflect back to the image sensor.

The M190 will work great if you use it on normal surfaces like finished wood, paper, or a mouse pad.

The Logitech M190 Performs admirably in Games as well.

I played a lot of AAA and E-sports titles with this mouse, including Valorant, CS: GO, and Call of Duty Warzone, and I was pleased with the results. Having said that, because it is not a dedicated gaming mouse, I will not compare it to premium gaming mice with higher resolutions like 3200 or 6400 DPI.

While you may not be able to perform swift player movements in CS: GO or Valorant, the 1000 DPI does aid a lot while aiming, especially with snipers.

Playing CS: GO using the Logitech M190

Many e-sports players lower the DPI or sensitivity on their mouse to roughly 400 to 800 DPI for more accurate aiming, and the M190 works perfectly for these tasks out of the box.

The M190 is actually Durable

Although the M190 is affordable, it is solidly constructed, and the plastic does not feel cheap. I accidentally dropped the mouse twice from my table, but it is still functional. This mouse is made to last a long time. The USB receiver is small and can be tucked away inside the mouse when not in use.

Feels Good in Hand

The mouse is surprisingly light, weighing only 90 grammes with the AA battery inside. The contoured shape of the mouse is a blessing. It offers a wonderful in-hand feel for mid-sized to large hands, and you won’t strain your hand after a lengthy period of use because your palm will cover the entire mouse. The M190’s design also makes it a good choice for lefties.

The contour shaped design of the M190 provides a good grip while holding the mouse

The scroll wheel is accurate and useful for scrolling down a webpage or document. The only complaint I have is the squeaky sound the scroll wheel produces on some occasions: it sounds like a chalk squealing on a blackboard, and it can be unpleasant at times.

Also, I wish the scroll wheel or at least the sides of the mouse had rubber cushioning to make it feel more well-made and premium. However, if you decide to get this mouse, you will have to accept the lack of a rubber grip.

Some Additional Features

When Logitech claims that this mouse is “Plug & Play,” they mean it. I tested the mouse on both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 19.04, and it works right away once you plug in the receiver and turn it on. There were no noticeable lags when connecting and using the mouse.

The USB Receiver is fairly responsive and no input lags were visible while using the mouse

The M190 also allows you to control your computer or notebook from a distance of up to 10 metres.

There isn’t much to discuss in terms of features because the M190 lacks many of them. I wish it had some useful features like multi-device control or a few customizable shortcut buttons, but it unfortunately does not.

Battery life and Color options

When reviewing a wireless mouse, it is impossible to avoid mentioning the battery. The Logitech M190 is powered by a single AA battery that lasts up to 18 months, according to Logitech. Is this correct? Well, I will know for sure after 18 months.

Replacing the AA battery, even after it runs out, is as simple as replacing the batteries in your TV remote. Simply remove the back cover, remove the old battery, and install a new one.

Removing the back panel reveals the single AA battery and the housing for your wireless receiver

There are three color options: Charcoal Black, Blue, and Red. Personally, I like the Charcoal color, but I feel the Red color looks amazing with the black contrast as well.


The Logitech M190 is an excellent mouse for casual gaming as well as everyday use. The build quality is good for the price, and the mouse’s design makes it easy to use for long periods of time. The lack of features may make this mouse unsuitable for power users, but it isn’t a deal breaker. In conclusion, if you need a portable and affordable mouse that you can use on the move and easily stow in your laptop bag, this is the mouse to choose.

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