LG G8X ThinQ for Rs. 19,990 on Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale: Should you buy it?

by Mayank
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Earlier this day, I was browsing the Flipkart app on my phone and something on the screen caught my attention: the LG G8X dual-screen smartphone will be available at Rs. 19,990 at the Big Billion Days sale. This came out to me as quite a shock because this is a massive Rs. 35,000/- price drop from the LG G8X’s current price, which is around Rs. 55,000. In fact, this was so much of a shock to me that I started to think that LG was an impostor (Reference to the game Among Us) and there’s some problem with the device itself that caused them to sell it cheap.

The LG G8X dual-screen smartphone will be sold for Rs.19,990 on Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale.

So I scrolled through some forums here and there and asked for the long-term review from the users of the LG G8X. Then I decided to write an article and give you my honest opinion as to whether you should buy the LG G8X ThinQ or just skip it and go for other alternatives. This article is not just a Pros and Cons list, it is much more of a opinion on who should buy this phone and who shouldn’t.



Before we start talking about your purchase decision for this device, here’s a short list of specifications so that you know what the phone looks like on paper.

LaunchedSeptember 2019
Display6.4-inch OLED FullVision Display with the aspect ratio of 19.5:9 and 2340 X 1080 resolution
Display ProtectionCorning Gorilla Glass 5
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 855 octa-core processoR
Rear Camera12MP main camera with an F/1.8 aperture and OIS, 13MP wide-angle camera with an F/2.4 aperture
Front Camera32 MP sensor with F/1.9 aperture
Speakers2.4W (1.2W+1.2W) stereo speakers, Quad DAC for immersive audio through wired headphones
IP CertificationIP 68 water and dust resistance
Battery4000 mAh battery with support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0, 21W fast charging and 9W wireless charging
Network4G LTE support for both SIMs
Fingerprint SensorIn-display fingerprint sensor
OSLG UX 9.0 based on Android 9 (An upgrade to Android 10 was just released)
AccessoriesA plastic case that houses another display which the phone connects to once you place it inside the plastic case. The second screen comes with the phone inside the box and is not a seperate accessory.

Now, you might think that these specs look pretty high-end. And that’s true, because the LG G8X ThinQ is a high-end premium smartphone, and the current pricing for this device doesn’t tell you otherwise. And buying a high-end phone at such a low price is a no-brainer. So, what’s the point of reading this article? ,one might ask.

It’s not that simple, actually. While the specs look fantastic on paper, the buying decision boils down to your tastes. So, in the two sections below, I’m going to talk on both sides of the spectrum-Why you should consider buying the G8X in the sale and why you should skip it.

A Brief Review of the LG G8X

Note: I’m not going to give you a complete review of the LG G8X because it’s a year old device and you’re going to find a lot of reviews online.


LG is known to nail smartphone displays and the G8X does not disappoint either. The 6.4-inch FullVision OLED display offers pitch blacks and beautiful whites. Also, the presence of a teardrop notch allows a good screen to body ratio. The display also has 7 built-in colour modes so you can set the colour that looks most pleasing to your eyes. There’s also a small always-on display on the back of the second screen that shows some basic stuff such as clock and notifications.

Credits: LG


The LG G8X has great stereo speakers, again a flagship feature that you won’t usually find in phones less than Rs. 40,000.

I feel that the 32-bit Quad DAC is the most underrated feature of LG G8X. No other brand, except LG, has Quad DAC on their phones, no matter the price. Quad DAC on the LG G8X enhances the audio output of the wired headphones. So, you’re going to have an immersive audio experience when you use wired headphones on this device.

Credits: LG


Being a premium device, the G8X has the best in-hand feel on any smartphone at the price for which it will be sold in the Flipkart sale. The phone has metal sides with multiple layers of black coating and a glass back that is also protected by Gorilla Glass 5. Once you hold it in your hands, you will feel the sturdiness of the device. Also it gets IP 68 certification which you only find in flagship devices.

Credits: LG


The performance is snappier with last year’s flagship Snapdragon 855 SoC inside the LG G8X. The closest rival to it would be the Redmi K20 Pro or even the OnePlus Nord, which are expensive than what the G8X will be sold for, and they also miss out on many of the premium features of the LG G8X. Even the gaming performance is just awesome even though it lacks a high refresh rate display.

A game being played on the LG G8X: The game is running on the main screen while the gamepad is running on the second screen.


The cameras are pretty great. I mean, if you want to buy a device for it’s cameras, then go for it! The photos have a high dynamic range and are very sharp. The ultra-wide sensor also produces really good pictures with ample amount of colors, good contrast and sharpness. Also, the front camera takes pretty nice images, and the portrait mode works really well.

Now you might argue that this smartphone has only 2 cameras, whereas other phones in this range usually have quad cameras but let’s be real: You rarely use all the rear cameras in your smartphone. Below are some camera samples from the LG G8X.

Why you should buy the LG G8X in the Big Billion Days Sale?

  • The first reason is obvious: Because it is a flagship device with flagship specs that no other phone currently offers at this price range. A brief summary of each of these flagship features that make the LG G8X stand out from any other smartphone in this segment is given below.
  • One reason that might convince most of you to buy the LG G8X is the extra screen that makes it a dual-screen smartphone. And, as you might know, the cheapest dual-screen smartphone you can buy in India is priced at around Rs.1 lacs. So, for those who want to use a dual-screen device but don’t have the money to buy one, this is your best bet. Although it’s not a foldable device like the Galaxy Fold and has bezels between the two displays, the other screen can actually be used for many tasks.
  • The Gamepad Creator feature in the LG Game Center will help you create a custom gamepad for the second screen so that you can play without touching the main screen and gain a competitive advantage in games. There are many more software features provided by LG that will help you make the best out of the second screen.
  • The LG G8X is actually a practical device that allows you to use the G8X as a normal phone if you don’t like the other screen. You just need to get it out of the case, and you’ve got a normal flagship device in your hands.
  • If you prefer a non-Chinese smartphone, it’s hands down your best option for a great smartphone at the price it’s going to be sold. You’re not going to get another non-Chinese brand (LG is a Korean company) with such specifications under Rs.20,000.
  • Those of you who are worried about LGs after sales service, don’t be! They’re a huge company and they have a really good service for their phones.

Convinced to buy the LG G8X during the Big Billion Days? Wait! I believe you should know what you’re missing on too, so you can make an informed decision. Let’s get to why you probably should not buy the LG G8X even after the price cut. The reasons why you shouldn’t buy this dual-screen offering from LG for Rs. 19,990 are mostly nitpicks. But hey, I’m a reviewer, and I need to be completely transparent.

Why you shouldn’t buy the LG G8X?

  • For many, the primary reason that can be a trade-off is the UI of the LG G8X. LG has been always criticized for their UI and the same criticism goes for the G8X. The icons still look cartoonish and, despite having flagship specs, the launcher doesn’t feel as snappy as it could be. In comparison, OxygenOS makes the OnePlus Nord feel very responsive, even though the OnePlus Nord rocks a Snapdragon 765G which is inferior to the Snapdragon 855.
  • If you’re into rooting and custom ROMs like me, you might’ve been thinking about flashing a different ROM on the G8X by now. But I’m sorry to say that you’ll be disappointed. There are no custom ROMs available for the LG G8X. This might be partly because when it was released, this phone did not gain much popularity, so developers did not give much attention to it.
  • Another reason to not buy the G8X is that LG is and has always been really bad with smartphone updates. And the same goes for the LG G8X. The owners of this phone have complained a lot about delayed updates. In fact, it’s only been 2 weeks since LG finally released an Android 10 update, even though other manufacturers brought Android 10 updates to their devices a long time ago.
  • Another thing you should know is that this device lacks 5G support because the Snapdragon 855 does not support 5G. Although 5G is not yet available in India, if you’re planning to purchase a future-proof smartphone, you might want to skip the LG G8X for OnePlus Nord.
  • The second screen, as good as it sounds, also has it’s share of cons. Once the second screen is attached, the phone becomes thick and heavy. And I mean really heavy. The phone itself, without the second screen attached, weighs 192 g, but after the second screen is attached, the weight of the whole device becomes 330 g! So, you might face problems carrying the G8X with the second screen inside your pocket.
  • The phone’s display is only 60Hz, but I definitely don’t blame LG for that. The trend for high refresh rate displays went full-on at the beginning of 2020. Many phones in the Rs.20,000 price range, such as the Poco X3, offer a 120Hz display. You won’t notice much of a difference though in everyday use.
  • The second screen is powered by the battery on the device. So even though the LG G8X comes with a decent size battery, you shouldn’t hope for a great battery life when you’re running 2 OLED screens from a single 4000 mAh battery.


So, these were my thoughts on the LG G8X. It’s up to you to decide whether or not this phone will suit your preferences. But one thing we can all agree on is that this phone at Rs. 19,990 is a crazy deal. If you can live with some of the cons I mentioned above, then grab this phone as soon as the sale goes live, because it’s going to be sold out fast. Mark the dates for Flipkart ‘s Big Billion Days sale in your calendars. The sale will be live from the 16th  and will go on till 21st October 2020.

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