How to Lock/Unlock Your Aadhaar Biometric Data via the UIDAI Website

by Mayank

In India, an Aadhaar card is considered the most significant document for identifying yourself.

The fact that an Aadhaar number is unique and cannot be duplicated is the most crucial aspect that makes it secure. This is because each Aadhaar number is connected to the holder’s biometrics (fingerprints, iris scans, and photographs).

As the most crucial identity document, you must ensure that your Aadhaar details are never used without your authorization.

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Since it is already so secure then why should you lock your biometrics, You might ask.

Importance of locking your Aadhaar Biometrics data

If someone has access to your biometrics, they have direct access to all your Aadhaar details. A person can easily get access to places where you have linked your Aadhaar card.

You cannot modify your fingerprint or Iris pattern of your eye in the same way that you can change a password.

Locking your biometrics ensures that even if a hacker tries to stealthily obtain your fingerprints (through everyday objects such as a door knob or a glass), they will not be able to use it to gain access to your Aadhaar details.

The UIDAI servers will simply deny access with an error code suggesting that you must first unlock your biometrics.

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Convinced enough to lock your biometrics?

Let’s learn how to do it.

Lock your biometrics from the official UIDAI website

  • Visit the official website for UIDAI from the below link:

Unique Identification Authority of India
  • Select Lock/Unlock Biometrics from the Aadhaar Services section. A new window will appear.
Select Lock/Unlock Biometrics
  • Click on the checkbox next to the Declaration and then select Lock/Unlock Biometrics.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and the Captcha characters shown in the image into the required input areas and click on Send OTP.
Request OTP
  • You should receive an OTP (One Time Password) on the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar card.
One Time Password

Note: Receiving an OTP can take a few minutes.

  • Once you receive an OTP similar to the one shown in the above image, enter it into the ‘Enter OTP/TOTP’ section and click Submit.
Submit OTP
  • Select Enable Locking Feature on the new page and wait a few seconds.
Lock your biometrics data
  • You should now see a confirmation that your biometrics have been locked, as illustrated in the image below.
Your biometrics are now locked

Important: For added convenience, you may lock and unlock your biometrics from the mAadhaar app on your Android phone. Here’s how to get the mAadhaar app:

Unlock your Biometrics

  • Follow the same steps you used to lock your biometrics (Please refer to the previous section for details).
  • On the following page, click on the “Unlock Biometric” button.
Click on Unlock Biometric
  • You’ll be notified that your biometric has been unlocked. You may now access your Aadhaar details using your fingerprint.
  • On the same page, you’ll see the time when your biometrics will be locked again.
Your biometrics are now unlocked

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why would you want to unlock your biometrics?

No one will be able to access your biometrics if you lock them (including you) will be able to access your biometrics. You may be required to unlock your biometrics in order for your Aadhaar information to be accessed for KYC verification in a variety of situations.

For example, while purchasing a new SIM card or completing the KYC process for a new online bank account.

Will I have to re-lock my biometrics after unlocking them?

Absolutely, not. When you unlock your biometrics, they are only unlocked for a short time before being automatically locked again.

If you desire, you can turn off the lock feature permanently using the button “Disable locking feature”.

Is it correct that locking my biometrics guarantees the safety of my Aadhaar information?

To be honest, nothing on the internet is 100% safe. Even the most impenetrable levels of security have vulnerabilities. We can only do our best to reduce the chances of our data being stolen.

This risk is reduced by securing your biometrics.

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