How to Disable Automatic Media Restore on WhatsApp

by Mayank

WhatsApp has consistently been the most popular cross-platform messaging and VoIP service in the world. Since it became a subsidiary of Facebook, a range of new features have been added, such as end-to-end encryption, two-step verification, dark mode and support for a large number of stickers. But a feature that is probably the most helpful and sometimes the most annoying is the Chats & Media Backup and Restore feature on WhatsApp.

The Chat Backup feature on WhatsApp has proven to be a lifesaver for many. This is because if you ever lost your device or accidentally wiped your phone, you can easily restore your previous backup from Google Drive when you re-install WhatsApp. But what if you just need your chats back, not the media? Since media files like audio, documents, and video can take multiple gigabytes off your data plan as well as your local storage you might not need them.

If you’re fed up with having WhatsApp restore your media automatically every time you connect to a WiFi, then you’re in the right place. In this article I’m going to show you how to stop WhatsApp from restoring media from the Google Drive.


  • Usually you’ll see the “Restoring Media Paused” message on WhatsApp until you connect to the WiFi.
The “Restoring Media Paused” message
  • If you’re connected to a WiFi, you’ll notice that the media restore process starts and there’s just no way to stop it from WhatsApp.

The best way to stop the media restore is to disconnect WhatsApp from Google Drive, so that WhatsApp won’t get permissions to proceed with the restore process.

  • To do this, Open Google Drive on your PC or laptop by typing on your browser.

If you don’t have access to a PC, Open on your phone’s browser and switch the page to Desktop Mode.

Google Drive
  • Click the gear icon on the top right hand side.
Gear Icon
  • Select Settings and a dialog box will pop-up on your screen.
  • Go to Manage Apps and scroll down. Find WhatsApp from the apps list.
Manage Apps
  • Open the Options menu and click Disconnect from Drive.
Disconnect from Drive
  • A confirmation will be asked.Click Disconnect.
Disconnecting WhatsApp from Drive
  • WhatsApp will now be removed from the connected apps list of your Google Drive.
  • Now open WhatsApp on your phone and connect to a WiFi network. You will not be able to restore the messages, and if you go to Chats > Chats Backup, you should see the message as shown below.
Couldn't Restore Media
WhatsApp won’t be able to restore your media

You can reconnect WhatsApp to your Drive by tapping the Unable to Restore Media message and selecting Allow to enable WhatsApp Backup and Restore.

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Sohan sarkar August 18, 2021 - 7:32 am

So if I bought a new phone how can I get my previous chats?

Paul October 15, 2021 - 7:11 pm

I stopped the Google Cloud according to your path and it finally halted, no more nuisance caused by such silly high tech tools. Thank you so much.

Emeka Orji November 16, 2021 - 9:03 pm


Ian November 18, 2021 - 3:30 pm

OK, when I reconnect Google Drive to Whatsapp I still get the “Couldn’t restore media” message. So I am no better off, and now it appears Whatsapp doesn’t back up at all!

Abdulhafeez December 25, 2021 - 9:31 pm

It really helped. Though, it seems that the Google drive settings has changed in orientation, I was able to stop backup which eventually made the restore to stop as well. Thanks


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