How to determine which apps are using your Google Account information

by Mayank

With the evolution of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, data privacy is much more important than ever. We sign in to our Google accounts as soon as we buy a device these days, and most of us still don’t care what account permissions we give the apps we install on our device.

When it comes to Google services like Gmail and Drive, we can trust Google with our data (or we don’t have a choice). The situation is very different for third-party apps. We have no idea when a basic Workout app you download from the Play Store could be used to mismanage your Google account data in a variety of ways.

This is why we must actively monitor the Google account permissions we grant to the apps on our phone. We will learn how to manage apps using your Google account as well as how to stop an app from using our Google account data.

Important: Many apps these days require your Google account information to work, and you won’t be able to use them if you don’t allow them to access your data. So you should only block the Google account access for apps you no longer trust.

How to manage apps using your Google Account

Manage your Google Account

You can also get to the Google Account page by using a Google application like Gmail or YouTube. The image below shows how to access this page from Gmail.

  • Go to Security.
Security Tab
  • Find the section ‘Third-party apps with account access’. Select an app from the list to learn more about the data it collects.
Third-party apps with account access
  • A new page will appear, where you need to tap on the app once more to see the details of the permissions granted to it.

Stop any app from using your Google Account data

  • Perform all of the steps outlined in the preceding section.
  • Tap on the blue icon labelled “Remove Access.”
Tap on Remove Access
  • Select OK.
Select OK to confirm

Note: Even though you remove an app’s account access permissions, they can still access the data you provided them when you originally signed in to your Google account through that app. To have your previous data removed, you must submit a data deletion request to the developers of such apps.

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